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on our return from cheng chau we saw literally tens of thousands of people crowding to the shoreline to watch the national day fireworks celebrating china retaking hong kong. we managed to find a spot in a multi-storey car park to watch them from. they went on for so long, they left a huge amount of smoke in the air which made the street lighting look really cool.
the trams in causeway bay are the oldest form of transport in hong kong and cost 2 HKD to ride (about seven english pence).
i went back to central to wait for the sunset because i wanted shots of the traffic. on the way i spotted these kids who were fighting over the various bits of bubble blowing equipment their parents had got them. the parents didn’t mind me taking pictures (which was a pleasant change from london :)).
once the sun had set, the traffic was crazy so i got these streaky shots. they’re not great since even this late, the traffic was moving incredibly slowly (and the bridge was vibrating)
the next couple of shots are pretty random, one is a building taken from the peak and the other a kid riding his bike through a fountain. unfortunately, the water was never well timed :)

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