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two weeks before i arrived, a cable car service from tung chung to ngong ping opened. the trip takes around twenty-five minutes during which you can see the walkway underneath you. it’d be a great walk but would takes ages. the scenery is fantastic.
if you look closely at the large picture of the buddha, you’ll see a blue blob at the bottom. that’s a person. it was a very big buddha.
there are quite a few scenery pictures here along with a sneaky one of my friend chi facing the buddha.
the cable car goes over a shallow coastline where there are hundreds of people cockling (my best guess). the high viewpoint makes for great pictures (you should look at the larger pictures for more detail – click the magnifying glass).
that night, the moon was the closest to the earth it’s been for eleven years so there was a family bbq. all the children were playing with cyalume sticks and i hoped to get a few more good pictures, but just the one came out well.
on the last day, we went out with chi’s family for a day on a boat. we dropped anchor near one of the southern bays and spent the afternoon swimming and eating. a pretty perfect day.
i’ll be going back :)

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