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the sun was out on saturday so i trekked all the way north to regents park. there are the best of the bunch…

edit: i’ve reframed one of the fountain images a little. it’s tacked on the end…

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  1. Steven says:

    Nice. I like the 1st, closer-up, one of the fountain drips best. The less close-up one should have had the right hand side of the fountain in it too… (in my opinion).

  2. stephen says:

    i went with the option to crop more of the right hand side. i think it frames the picture better than showing some but not all of the right hand side.
    symmetry’s boring…

  3. Steven says:

    Not bad that. Prefer it to the more closer-up-er-er one too.

    Symmetry is well proven to be beautiful and often aspired to.

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