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lisa and i are engaged. i have no idea what to say. i’m pretty overwhelmed…

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  1. steve says:

    Congratulations again!

    You guys look good together… and Lisa has very nice hands.

  2. Audra says:

    My Lord what lovely hands… HA Congrats Kids!!! Stephen I’m feeling the new layout of the home page. I also prefer the White, Green and Gray color scheme.

  3. veemal says:

    hi you 2. Congrats. Hope you both doing ok. Nice ring.
    Stephen you finally catching up. Take care. Look after yourselves.

  4. salsad says:

    Congratulations guys – happiest is a feeling that drives passion through time, i wish you passion, success and a wonderful future together..

    May the fruits of the earth sweeten the direction you travel in, the places you see and the experiences you share…and remember that the mambo salsa drum always beats within the heart and should never be forgotten…

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